(Ages 9-18)

Welcome to Approach! Stillwood’s newest, and out-dooriest camp!

A new trail branching off from the main parking lot leads up to a beautiful new area, where the life of Approach begins. The purpose of our highly anticipated Outdoor Adventure camp is for youth to be able to truly experience the outdoors, to get to try a new range of exciting activities, to have a closer, more intimate community, to cook your own food over fires and sleep in busses, and to be able to learn useful outdoor skills. God’s creation thrives just a short walk off the beaten path, and we’re inviting YOU to come share in it! So come, explore, experience, and become immersed in the world of Approach with us. It’s camp like you’ve never experienced it before! For summer camp registration questions contact registrations@stillwood.ca


Unlike the main camp, the schedule for Approach will change heavily depending on which week you sign up for, and what the week’s main focus is! Take a look at each week description below:

Week 1 – Saplings Approach Survival 101

  • July 3rd-8th Ages 10-12
  • This is a well rounded week full of shelter building, fire starting, camouflaging, what to bring on a hike, how to survive in the wilderness, surviving in different conditions and climates, and how to properly use flares and signal fires.

Week 2 – Moss. (The Bear Necessities)

  • July 10th-15th Ages 13-16
  • A chill week to hang around camp, experience community, cook outdoors, play board/wide games, and try out some outdoor skills such as shelter building and fire starting.

Week 3 – SOAKED

  • July 17th-22nd Ages 13-16
  • Our Soaked week is exactly that- there’s never gonna be a dull, or dry, moment! We’ll do it all: kayaking, canoe rescue, lots of beach time, and the week is overflowing with so much more!

Week 6 – Sprouts Intro to Outdoors

  • Aug 14-16th Ages 9-11 (1/2 Week)
  • Our Sprouts camp is a two night introduction to basic survival and camping skills, all while allowing the campers to experience and grow in the outdoors.

Week 7 – On Target

  • Aug 21st-26th Ages 13-16
  • On Target is a week all about aiming towards your goals, while building skills in marksmanship by using slingshots, pellet guns, archery, laser tag, and so much more! On top of this, campers will be involved in various elements of outdoor education, and all around fun games.

Because of the small size of Approach camp, all campers attending will spend a lot of time together. It is likely, but not guaranteed that you will be in the same tent as your friend.

Campers unable to attend a session will receive a refund, less an administrative fee of $70 plus applicable taxes, provided our office is notified by Friday, four weeks before the start of their camp. Your deposit or any payments made towards their camp fees cannot be applied to ANY other registrations. Another camper may not be substituted in place of a cancelled spot. We regret that barring any mishap or illness, no refunds can be made after this time.

All questions can be directed to our front office at info@stillwood.ca or 1.800.507.8455. From there your request will be directed to the appropriate department. Or click here for our staff directory.

Week 1 – Moss. (The Bear Necessities)

  • July 3rd-9th Ages 13-16

Week 2 – Saplings Approach Survival 101 

  • July 10th-15th Ages 10-12

Week 3 – On Target

  • July 17th-22rd Ages 12-14

Week 4 – ASCEND

  • July 31st-6th Ages Teen 15-17

Week 5 – SEQUOIA

  • Aug 7th-12th Ages 12-15 Girls

Week 6 – Sprouts Intro to Outdoors

  • Aug 14th-16th Ages 9-11 1/2 Week

Week 7 – SOAKED

  • Aug 21st-27th Ages 13-16

Week 8 – Hyperion X-Treme

  • Aug 28th-3rd Ages Grad 17-18
  • Approach – price TBD soon