Learn. Grow. Serve.

Tereo is the Ancient Greek word for “keep”. In John 17 Jesus is praying to His Father before his arrest. In the prayer he requests many things, but the word “keep” shows itself multiple times. He prays that God “keep” them in His name so that they may be one. He then prays that “I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one.” These prayers reveal to us Jesus desire for our lives. That we pursue God and become one with him, and that we are not removed from this world, but remain. We have work to do here on earth. And the word “keep” reminds us of that.

Tereo is a cooperative, immersive education experience where members will combine working with rental groups and preparing for/cleaning up camp with development and discipleship sessions and assignments. In addition to the regular working hours, members will be required to meet together in large and small group settings and to commit to working on assignments to be completed individually.

Tereo is a chance for you to explore your calling within a fun, caring community. You’ll be equipped to study scripture, explore Christian theology, engage in spiritual formation, and learn the habits of following and serving Jesus. Whatever your background, we’ll be able to tailor the assignments to where you’re at.

Tereo begins in the spring. Staff hired for Tereo are required to be involved in summer staff in some capacity.

Tereo members will be paid minimum wage for their working hours. Hours in session and working on assignments will not be paid. They will also be required to pay a small fee for room and board.