Food Hampers


We love our home in the Columbia Valley. Right now we know that some of our amazing neighbours are struggling with the economic realities brought by the COvID-19 pandemic. We are hoping to help out those in our community that are in need.

If you are in need of food – we would be honoured to help you. Read below for the details of our food hamper program.

We will not omit anyone from this program. To start Stillwood is only able to offer 1 hamper per household every week.

Stillwood is a non-profit organization. In addition at this time there are no paid staff running this program. To keep this program running we rely on the support of others.

We understand that many do not have the ability to donate, that is ok – there is no cost or donation required to receive a food hamper.

Fill out the form below, we will be in contact with you about food delivery. There are two options to receive your weekly hamper. We can arrange a delivery to persons in the cultus lake and Columbia Valley area. Alternatively we can arrange a pickup time for you to come to Stillwood to pickup your hamper.