Family Camp

July 21-24

Our Family Camp will create those epic summer memories that will stay with you forever.

Family Camp is designed to help you as a family to draw closer to each other and to God. Enjoy great food, quality activities, good company and, if you could physically quantify it, about 684.5 cubic feet of fun.

Daily Schedule

Each day of this camp is unique and full of food, activities, and games. Each day will start with breakfast and a chapel time spent singing songs and listening to an engaging speaker. From then on you’ll dive into activities, lunch and more activities. After dinner, families will compete in a camp wide game. The remainder of the evening is rounded out with a campfire, family and snack time and a well deserved bed.


Upon arrival, families will select a time for our more popular activities (Sky High Adventure Park, Laser Tag, etc). Throughout the rest of the camp there are scheduled times where activities are open to visit on your own leisure. Families will also be brought down to the lake for our waterfront activities.