low fee

Interac – The simplest way to donate might be to send an Interac e-transfer from your bank. This option only costs Stillwood $1 in processing fees. Just send your transfer to info@stillwood.ca

Paypal – Paypal has a no fee option to send funds to Stillwood. This costs us $0.

Cheque – Sending finds via a cheque costs Stillwood $0. Cheques can be made out to: Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre 44005 Watt Rd., Lindell Beach, BC V2R 4X9

Alternate Giving

At Stillwood we can process your credit card for donations. There is a small fee associated for processing your credit card. If this is your preferred way of donating you can do this by phoning us at ‭(604) 858-6845‬ or by clicking the link below.

money goes

There are many ways that you can choose to have your donation used at Stillwood. Please indicate your wishes on your donation and we will guarantee (where legal) those funds will be used in accordance to your wishes.

General Operations

Stillwood relies on the generosity of donors to continue our operations. Funds donated to our general funds will ensure that our ministry will continue to operate smoothly. These funds will be used in maintenance, volunteer coordination, utilities, staff salaries, small projects, and subsidizing our programs.


100% of Stillwood’s programs are subsidized. For example our summer camps are subsidized by at least 50%. To ensure that all kids have an opportunity to experience summer camp please consider donating to enable us to further subsidize our programs.


Stillwood has an incredible location, land and facilities. All of these were made possible through donations. There are always protect needs here. If you are interested in having your funds be used in one of these please let us know. Over the past several years due to pandemic financial losses Stillwood has a increased number of maintenance project needs. A complete list of our largest needs can be found here.