We have everything you need to suit your retreat and event plans.


The accommodations at Stillwood comprise 18 cottages; Maple Lodge, incorporating the Motel; four other lodges: Balsam, Cedar, Hickory, Dogwood; the Twin Lodges, Chestnut and Almond. These buildings equip Stillwood to be an outstanding retreat and conference centre, providing value-added housing for various groups.


Cosily tucked in amongst the trees are 18 cottages, equipped with beds for eight to 12 people. Each cottage has welcoming wooden interiors, stone exteriors, electric heating, private bathroom, table, and chairs.

Maple Lodge /The Motel

Maple Lodge incorporates the Motel and has 9 units, each with a private bath and each able to accommodate two to four people. It is conveniently located nearest the Dining Hall, with three meeting rooms of varying sizes under the same roof. On the first floor you will find additional washroom facilities and Stillbucks Lounge. Here, you can wrap your hands around a cup of tea, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, or other seasonal beverage.

The Lodges

The Stillwood Lodges consist of Balsam, Cedar, Hickory, and Dogwood, along with the twin lodges, Chestnut and Almond. Significantly larger than the cottages, Cedar and Hickory have five bedrooms and Balsam has eight bedrooms. Each Lodge has a common area with a forest view, a fireplace, showers, and washrooms. The Lodges provide well-appointed accommodations, suitable for groups of different sizes, and are a significant part of what makes Stillwood such a popular retreat and conference centre.


Stillwood food, centered around the Dining Hall, is the stuff of legend. Offering near-constant feasting, this is fine dining at its best.

The Dining Hall

Watch the sun rise over Cultus Lake, or cast its setting glow over the west bank, while enjoying special occasion catering. Our Dining Hall is outfitted with a spacious dining area, an outdoor patio, a fireplace, a fully-equipped, professional kitchen, and a commanding view of Cultus Lake. What a wonderful vantage point from which to enjoy Stillwood’s famously fabulous fare.

Any visit to Stillwood should include a Sunday dinner. It’s up to the standard of a wedding banquet. Yummy treats, such as chocolate fountains, have been known to appear. Food can make or break a camp and it doesn’t get any better than at Stillwood – ask anyone who has feasted here.

How do we do it? We see to it that we have highly trained staff and top-notch equipment. Can you almost smell the aroma of succulent roast meat and potatoes wafting towards you?


A wide variety of meeting rooms are available to fit your group. You could be looking for something small and intimate. Or maybe comfy and more spacious. Then again you could be looking for an enormous space to let out your wild side.

The Meeting Rooms

If it’s a smaller, more intimate environment you’re looking for, your best bet is one of the cozy common areas of the Lodges, with their comfy armchairs and sofas, stone walls and fireplaces.

For a larger group, we suggest one of the Maple Lodge rooms, the Krahn Centre, or the Gym’s Fireside Room. Here, you can set out chairs and host a small, medium, or large group. Many of the rooms have outstanding views, further enhancing the impact of the meeting.

If you are holding huge assemblies, eg. teens rocking out to a band, the 1,000-capacity Gym is the way to go. Due to the great crowd atmosphere it generates, many successful large gatherings are held here.