XLerate Activity Day

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“If it aint broke, don’t fix it.”

Bert Lance popularized this quote during the Jimmy Carter administration of the year 1977 when referring to problems with that day’s government. “That’s the trouble with government: Fixing things that aren’t broken and not fixing things that are broken.” Anyway, that’s beside the point. These days, we most often use this phrase when some blessed individual tries to improve something and ends up making it worse. This in turn produces fear of ever attempting to improve on something. And we all know that fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering.

While we appreciate this advice, we also understand that, quite often, if things don’t change they become stale and outdated. So, we will continue to attempt to make things even more ridiculously awesome. One thing we implemented last year was Special Activity Day for our XLerate camp (14-16 year olds). We offered things like caving, hiking, wake boarding, sculpting, pottery, white water rafting, videography and mountain biking. It was a great day! Then we finished it up by taking everyone to Cultus Lake Water slides for the evening. It was a success. But we want to continue looking at how we can make that day, that camp and this summer even more exciting and engaging for our campers.

We also understand that change for changes sake isn’t always the wisest thing we can do. While every day we seek to improve we are always asking why we want to improve, what we want to improve and how these improvements will help us achieve our summer camp’s purpose: “To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to campers, inviting them to respond in faith and commitment to Him and to nurture their faith, while giving them the best week of their summer!”

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