We Love Our Single Parents

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Possibly one of my favourite camps during the summer is our Single Parent’s Family Camp. The camp is smaller and shorter than our average camp and, on the outside, it may look relatively similar to our regular camps with their games, activities and campfires. But the feel of it is completely different. I know exactly why. Every single parent that attends this camp has a story. The tough reality is that becoming a single parent usually involves less than favourable events. The other tough reality is that being a single parent is hard work (pardon the understatement). Two of our main goals for this camp are to provide opportunities for families to create bonds and memories and to give the parents rest. I love seeing those goals fulfilled by our staff.

Ultimately, our top goal is that these families encounter God. The fact that God allows us to be a part of His work in these families’ lives is a great honour. To be blessed with seeing year after year, continually and consistently the impact that this camp has on these families is nothing short of humbling.

We love this camp so much that we also run a Single Parent’s Family Retreat in December. The retreat looks different than the camp in the summer, but the results are the same. If you have any questions about this camp is run or how you can be a part of this fantastic ministry please call us or fire us off an email or check out this link.

Solo Parents’ Family Retreat

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