Warts and all.

150 150 Stephen Jackson

How many of us strive to be perceived as perfect? I’m sure many of us have had discussions or noticed the fact that social media allows us to not only put our best foot forward, but to hide our worst foot. Most of us do it. I know Stillwood does it. It’s good for business. Of course we’re going to show the pictures that look the best. We want people to want to come to Stillwood. The troubling thing these days is how people justify living in such a way. The more troubling thing is how people don’t even see a need to justify living in such a way. It has become so much a part of our society that it’s a given.

The real problems arise when those who are less than perfect are judged and ostracized. The unfortunate reality is that non of us are perfect. Even those of us who are in right relationship with God and have a faith that can move mountains still stumble. Even if we look like we have it together, we know we don’t. Part of my job is to look like I’m in control. My staff feel safe when they see confidence. Parents have an easier time trusting a summer camp when we have everything organized and everyone well trained. I get it. But I’m not perfect. And I’m okay with that.

But many are not.

Children, youth, young adults, adults. Just because you get older doesn’t mean you automatically have a firm grasp on your identity, and just because you have a firm grasp on identity doesn’t mean you won’t struggle with reaching just short of the bar.

Summer camp breeds identity. The experiences found in summer camp give campers confidence and teach them things about themselves they can’t learn in normal routine. Combine that with the truths of the Gospel that are being communicated to them and you’ve got a powerhouse week that will change something. It may be a big change, it may be a small change, but I guarantee that something will be different whether you notice it or not. That is the power of summer camp. That is the power of God. We believe in transforming lives. Whether your 6 or 36, summer camp can change your life.

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