Unity, not Uniformity

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The pastor of the church I attend is currently addressing a controversial topic. It’s a topic that I guarantee will produce a variety of opinions. Opinions that will cause tension. Before addressing this topic, our pastor reminded us of a very important truth. Unity is not uniformity. It’s a truth that David Warkentin presented to our Senior Summer Staff this last summer. It’s a truth that goes beyond personal opinions as well.

Stillwood is part of the Mennonite Brethren Conference. There are four other camps affiliated with with the MBs. Pines Bible Camp, Gardom Lake Bible Camp, Camp Bob and Camp Likely. None of us are the same. None of us should be the same. None of us can be the same. Our affiliation also includes churches, a college and a church planting organization. No one in their right mind would think that any of these organizations would look similar to the other. Each of these ministries are as unique as individuals. It can easy to fall into the trap of competing with other ministries. “We need to be better than Camp Qwanoes or Willingdon Church.” That’s a foolish objective. We have a much loftier objective. We all strive to do our best for one reason: to glorify God and make His name known.


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