We simply love our friendly, motivated staff.

At heart, Stillwood is about special people: the people who visit, the people who volunteer, and the people who are on staff full-time. Those ultimately responsible for Stillwood are Harry and Gail Edwards, Harry as Executive Director and Gail as Food Services Coordinator. Gail is ably assisted by full-time kitchen staff. Together, this talented team cooks up food fit for a king. The result: home cooking meets fine dining.

Bev Huesken, Carol Bergen, Kim Holm and José Nieva are the administrative team, ready to make your planning easy. Stillwood is fortunate to have some efficient housekeepers, supervised by Sandy Jacklin. We also have a motivated maintenance team, with Keith Holm at the helm.

Andrea Jackson and Stephen Jackson are the Program Directors at Stillwood. They ensure each program is filled with fun and meaning, insight and bonding. The end product of their work? One comes away wondering, “How did I grow so much, while I was having such a good time?”