Pediatrics and Geriatrics

150 150 Stephen Jackson

My daughter was born three weeks ago. My 94 year old grandfather went into the hospital one week ago. Both are alive, both are well. But it didn’t look like that at one point. I left my wife, two year old and two week old at home one night to go to what very well might have been my last visit with my grandfather. Thanksgiving dinner was cancelled. Things were different. Luckily, it wasn’t my last interaction with him. He’s still alive and I’m very excited to bring his newest great granddaughter to visit him. People talk about the circle of life without much weight sometimes. I know I have. It changes your perspective to have such intimate interaction with humans on both ends of the life spectrum.

So what in blazes does this have to do with summer camp? I have no idea. This is what I do know. My grandfather volunteered at Stillwood. He offered his time and labour. Stillwood has been around for a while. It’s old. It has personality. It has history. I was with my new child and thought to myself, “If I have to miss this to go to work, I better make it worth it.” Then I realized that doesn’t do camp justice. Like my daughter, camp has a future. It has growth. It has potential.

Like my grandfather, myself and my children, Stillwood will one day cease to exist. I don’t see it happening anytime soon, but it’s a reality. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t histories to make and potentials to fulfill. Not just of the camp itself, that’s not our ultimate aim. Our aim are the thousands of people ranging from newborn to 94 that will walk on our premises in the years to come.

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