2016 Yields Another Amazing Summer

150 150 Stephen Jackson

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8 weeks. 1940 campers. 231 staff. %100 Good times.

What an amazing summer 2016 held for us! We saw lots of exciting new things, like our Family Camp and our XLerate Special Activities, as well as old traditions like Sticks and the Cold Tubs. One of the most fulfilling things is listening to campers describe to their parents memories that were attached to places as they walked by them. I nearly laughed out loud when one campers excitedly pointed and proclaimed “And this is where the nurses are!”.

The typical camp week lasts about 120 hours. That’s 120 hours were we do our best to make sure that in every moment each camper is has our care and attention. During the year, I’ll get a grand total of 50 hours a week with my children. 120 hours is a lot of time! Combine that with the passionate staff that we have the results speak for themselves. One of the greatest testaments to this is the stories that our own staff tell of when they were campers. 9 times out of 10, our counselors come on staff so that they can help campers have the same experience they did when they were younger. It’s a beautiful cycle and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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